There are sometimes additional configuration settings available that are not yet exposed directly in the Configuration Editor but can be configured via the Specify Additional Settings feature.

core_v1_1 Library

  • _GLOBAL_.DiscoveryClientSettings.VerifyDiscoveryServerLivenessInterval_sec (since v7.0.0-dev.1.2)

If greater than 0, after registering with a Discovery service server, the built-in Discovery client will send a QueryIdentification message to the Discovery server to ensure that it is still available. If a response is not received within the specified interval, the Discovery client will restart the Discovery process.


  • _GLOBAL_.Network.UnknownRouteResolutionMethod (since v6.0.0-dev.18)

The method used to find the mapping from a JAUS ID to an IP address. The possible values are: .

  • SendToNode [Default] : The message will be sent to the IP address and JAUS port for the destination node if known. If an IP address for the destination node is not known, sending the message will fail and an exception will be logged.
  • JTS : The message will be sent with the correct JAUS destination ID using the JAUS broadcast multicast group and with ACK/NAK Requested. This is the method JTS uses.
  • None : No attempt to find a mapping will occur and the sending of the message will fail and an exception will be logged.

  • _GLOBAL_.DiscoveryClientSettings.QueryIdentificationBroadcastDuration="Disabled"

Disable the built-in behavior of the OpenJAUS DiscoveryClient code in our base Components of broadcasting a QueryIdentification message in an attempt to find a Discovery service server.

Adds to the existing "Once At Startup", "Until Discovery Found", "Continuous" options which can be configured in the Configuration editor.

  • CMPT_{Component Name}.FilterFilename

The path to the filtering file.

  • CMPT_{Component Name}.PublishedName

The name published as part of the Discovery service. Overrides the default name, which is the name of the component specified at component construction.

aeodrs_v1_4_1 Library

  •  _GLOBAL_.AEODRS.LivenessTimeout_sec

The number of seconds the aeodrs_v1_4_1::OjCommunicationsComponent will wait for a ReportHearbeatPulse message from node 1 before it will execute the specified Liveness timeout action