I get an "error while loading shared libraries: ..." message when running my application?

This error occurs on Linux when the libraries have not been installed correctly. See Installing the SDK Libraries for options for installing the openjaus libraries.

I get a "Could Not Bind to Socket" Error?

If while running any of the example applications you get the error "Could Not Bind to Socket : The operation completed successfully"

  1. Ensure that the Network settings in the .ojconf file are set up correctly.
  2. Verify that the correct network interface is being targeted.

Messages are being sent to the component but nothing happens?

If you are sending Command messages (Example: SetWrenchEffort):

  1. Verify that you have Control of the component
    • If the service inherits from the AccessControl service then you most likely need to have control of the service before it will execute any commands.
  2. Verify that the component is the in the correct Management state
    • If services inherits from the Management Service, it may not be in the correct state to process the message you're sending.
      • Query messages are processed in any state
      • Most (all?) Command messages are only processed in the READY state
        • Call the initialized() method to move the Management service out of the INIT state
        • Use AccessControl to take control of the component
        • Send the Resume message to transition the Management service to the READY state