OpenJAUS now provides a library to support the latest IOP v3 services.

It replaces the IOP_v2 and IOP_v2 implementation (IOP_V2.impl) libraries.

Below we outline the steps that may be necessary when migrating from IOP_v2 to IOP_v3.

Required Updates

1. Replace all occurrences of iop_v2 in include paths and namespaces with iop_v3.


  • Replace #include <openjaus/iop_v2/IopManaged.h> with #include <openjaus/iop_v3/IopManaged.h>
  • Replace openjaus::iop_v2::services::PresetPose::startService(); with openjaus::iop_v3::services::PresetPose::startService();

2.  The OjHealthReporter class constructor has changed. The passed parameter is now a reference instead of a pointer.

OjHealthReporter(model::HealthManager& healthManager)

Any previous usage of this class will need to be adjusted to handle this change.

Strongly Recommended Updates

The following methods of the OjHealthReporter class have been deprecated:

setHealthReminders(interfaces::IHealthReminders* healthReminders);
setHourMeter(interfaces::IHourMeter* hourMeter);

Any use of those methods should be replaced with the following:

setHealthReminders(interfaces::IHealthReminders& healthReminders);
setHourMeter(interfaces::IHourMeter& hourMeter);