The OpenJAUS SDK has been used on a wide variety of hardware, running different operating systems, and built using different compilers. The following list is not intended to be complete but as a sample of the known hardware and software configurations that the SDK has been used with. In addition, the list was compiled largely using reporting from customers and functionality has not necessarily been verified by OpenJAUS.

ProcessorOperating SystemCompilerExamples
x86_64Windows 11Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

Windows 10
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Ubuntu 22.04gcc 11.2.0

Ubuntu 18.04gcc 7.3.0

Ubuntu 16.04
gcc 5.4.0

Ubuntu 14.04
gcc 4.8.4

Ubuntu 12.04
gcc 4.6.3

Debian 10gcc 8.3.0

Debian 9.8
gcc 6.3.0
i686Windows 7
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Ubuntu 12.04gcc 4.6.3
ARM Cortex-A7
Digi Embedded Yocto (DEY) 2.4
DEY CompilerConnectCore 6UL i.MX6UL
ARM Cortex-A8
QNX 6.5.0QNX 6.5.0 CompilerLogic PD AM3517 SOM-M2

Debian 10gcc 8.3.0BeagleBone Black (TI Sitara AM3358)
ARM Cortex-A9
Digi Embedded Yocto (DEY) 2.4DEY CompilerConnectCore 6 SBC i.MX6

OpenWrtSourcery CodeBench Lite 2014.05-29

ARM Cortex-A53OpenWrtSourcery CodeBench Lite 2014.05-29
Layerscape FRWY-LS1012A

ARM Cortex-A57Ubuntu 18.04gcc 7.5.0Nvidia Jetson Nano
ARM Cortex-A72Debian 11gcc 10.2.1
RaspberryPi 4B
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Debian 10Linaro GCC 7.4-2019.02