Applicable SDK Version(s): 5.x.y

Currently, OpenJAUS does not support building for QNX from the command-line, instead we create momentics projects; which can be a tedious process but is only required to be done once. We are working on improving the build process for QNX. If you are familiar with QNX and would like to assist with improving the build process, please send us an email at

  1. Install the QNX Momentics IDE on the host machine.

Building the openjaus libraries

  1. Create a Managed C++ Project for the openjaus library
    • File --> New --> C++ Project
    • Enter "openjaus" for the Project name (this will be the same name as the output)
    • Choose Shared Library for Project type
  2. Create a virtual folders and links to the openjaus library source code on disk
    • Note: Virtual folders and links lets us divide the source code into separate projects without changing the physical directory structure.
    • For the openjaus library we need the following folders:
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/include/openjaus
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/src/openjaus/model
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/src/openjaus/system
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/src/transport
  3. Repeats steps 2 & 3 for each of the included libraries:
    • openjaus-core_v1_1 | Shared Library
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/include/openjaus
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/src/openjaus/core
    • openjaus-mobility_v1_0 | Shared Library
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/include/openjaus
      • org.openjaus.sdk.cpp/src/openjaus/mobility_v1_0
    • etc
    • Note: Look at openjaus-sdk-libs.lua file to see the list of all the libraries to be built.
  4. Compile each project in the order listed above (dependency order)

Building the examples