The OpenJAUS SDK is a collection of C++ code and other files which provide an implementation of the JAUS standard and related JAUS Services. It consists of a number of separate packages which may or may not be needed based on the specific requirements of the system. Access to some packages are restricted based on distribution rights to the standard documents on which the package is based. If access to a restricted package is needed, please create a new support ticket with the request.

A description of the different packages which comprise the SDK is provided below.


This package contains all the code on which all other packages are based and implements the following SAE Standards / JAUS Service Sets.

  • AS5710A - JAUS Core Service Set v1.1
  • AS6009 - JAUS Mobility Service Set v1.0 
  • AS6057 - JAUS Manipulator Service Set v1.0
  • AS6060 - JAUS Environment Sensing Service Set v1.0
  • AS6091 - JAUS UGV Service Set v1.0
  • AS5669A - JAUS SDP Transport Specification


This package implements the SAE AS6057A - JAUS Manipulator Service Set v2.0 Standard.


This package implements the SAE AS6040 - JAUS HMI Service Set v1.0 Standard.


This package implements the JAUS Services defined as part of the RS JPO UGV Interoperability Profile (IOP) Capabilities Plan v3.

org.openjaus.aeodrs-v1.4.1.cpp   [Restricted Access]

This package implements the JAUS Services defined as part of the AEODRS INC1 Program of Record.